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IEEE IoTDay 2017 - Washington, DC

Learn about the:

IEEE Pharma Supply Blockchain Forum -  June 6, 2017, John Hopkins University, Rockville, MD


Blockchain to change the way we pay for our medical bills - Coming Soon!

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Special Report:  Coffee Latte is a source of problem for many people and can cause Osteoporsis.   It is important to not drink Coffee Latte at Starbucks or any coffee outlet.  The latte remain until it will invoke extreme stromach pain and you will not be back to sit up due to back pain.  This condition will take many hours until it passes and several days to return to normal.

Special Report: MOLD the frequently overlooked health risk today.   Coffee drinkers do not realize that when they drink coffee that it may have mold from the coffee pot or how it was stored.,  It only take 12-24 hours for mold to form.  Reusing a coffee cup without rinsing it our has already allowed mold to form the next day.  Learn how black mold in your bathroom can be deadly with release of spore that can cause health risks.  The frequent trip to Starbucks where high levels of sugar and now mold poises an even greater health risk.  Is it worth 3 to 4 dollars to end up in the hospital from toxic mold.  Learn how UV light can destroy mold that may poise a health problem in food or anywhere moisture has built up and no cleaned.  Your home value may be at risk and livability since these micro organisms can poise a health risk learning to allergies and for those at higher risk do to other conditions your doctor may not realize that mold has been the root of many of your health problems.

Treating Vasogenal (Carioneurogenic) Syncope is a serious condition that can be accompanied by drinking coffee.  A frequent visit to Starbucks and drinking strong coffee can produce fainting.  This may occur during driving, or walking  and can be signed by buzzing in the ears, leg cramps, and can be more serious when associated with other conditions. This can also be associated with asthma or allergies so drink coffee or tea which both have caffeine.

Neural Toxins (Special Report) does coffee for example contain toxins that will greatly effect your brain.


Neurology and Dissociative Disorders (Coming Soon!)

Fiber Optic Sensor Fundamentals and Applications

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The Dendrite Spine

Using Graphene to improve DNA Sequencing

Broadband Lasers provide early detection of Cancer

LLLT for Alzheimer's - Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd, Israel

(The amazing changes of nanotechnology, optogenetics, etc.)

 Graphene and 2-dimensional Materials (New Course)  

Science Documentary: Graphene , a documentary on nanotechnology and nanomaterials                                           

The Future of Graphene and 2D Materials

Graphene enables detection of neural pulses

Biofield detection using Graphene

Raman Spectrometry enhanced by Graphene nanostructures

Graphene can produce a magnetic field

Optical Tools for Mapping and Fixed Complex Systems   

Genomic instantiation of consciousness in neurons through a Biophotonics field theory 

Low-level light therapy improves cortical metabolic capacity and memory retention

Neurological and psychological applications of transcranial lasers and LEDs

Learn how you can Register devices with your mobile phone for safe and confidential use in Telemed applications.

Learn about how light helps ATP and can benefit patients with Stroke and other neurological conditions. is a information source that you may find ways that can  improve your health and to a new vision of advances in treatment methodologies, and sensors devices used in medicine today. 

Learn about new sensor innovations that will allow you to share information from wearable sensors with your care providers or to alert family members.  

Learn how "Biophotonics" is changing the landscape in healthcare with ground breaking research in for real-time diagnosis of conditions and remote patient monitoring.

Learn how "Low Lever Laser Therapy (LLLT)" can be of benefit to you by accelerating healing and reduction of pain.

See how this capability can be of benefit with new sensors that are being developed that will allow you to know for example when food is safe to eat.   Monitoring of food while in transport, storage, or when it is being served in restaurants now can be check using photonic devices using UV, IR, and visible light.

Learn how instant sensor messaging can be used to share alerts and messages from wearable devices to family members or healthcare providers.  

This site reveals there is another way that may supplement your course of options and yet reveal to you that there is a faster natural ways to improve your health, reduce pain, and promote rapid healing. 

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We invite you to learn about our organization and how we can help you reach a new understanding of your medical state.  Please join us soon in a new beginning of this understanding that will enlighten you with knowledge That has been known for thousands of years and new research that is changing our perception of our self and our health..   












Light defines life!

The spectra effects all aspects of our being with too much or not enough light it can do harm.  Light of the correct wavelength has been found to yield benefits to the human condition and restored functionality for various conditions.

Internally light is at work on a cellular level with structure providing communication and signaling of changes.  Thos signal can be useful to induce changes such as reduction of pain or accelerating the healing process.  This  can occur with light at   particular wavelengths.  This may mean photo activation of those processes or using those reflection of systems that may not be performing adequately.,  Today we feel this as pain or loss of sensation.  This may be a reflection or a result of a larger problem.  Treatment early could potential restore functionality and lead to a more rapid recovery for a particular condition.   We will explore these things which may not be commonly know.   The benefits, the conditions, the resulting changes, new research in the field of Biophotonics.    

Light Matters

Learn how IR absorption detection can determine blood glucose levels.

Learn how blue visible light at 405 nm can disinfects environments.

Learn how blue visible light prolonging food self-life.